So you’re interested in this idea of a real, simplified life, huh? Awesome! Besides reading the blog posts on this site, I highly recommend you look into some of my favorite suggested resources. These cover a range of topics, but all have the same basic theme: they discuss and advise on ways to get back to your roots with a real and simplified life. The format for these include a variety of media, including books, blogs, articles, podcasts, movies, and shows. Check them out and decide what form of information is easiest for you to digest. Make sure to keep an eye out for future posts with more of my favorite suggested resources!

Movement Resources:


Katy Bowman, M.S.

Katy Bowman, M.S. is one of my favorite people to listen to, in part because of her funny and no-nonsense style. As a biomechanist by training, her work focuses on “nutritious movement”–the idea that just like our body needs the proper nutrients in specific amounts and ratios to function, your body also needs the proper movements of the right type and duration to function optimally. Most of this movement involves the kind of motion our bodies are designed to perform, such as squatting or walking instead of sitting on a chair with right angles at each joint. While I have yet to read it, I hear her book about this is great and goes into further detail and explanation. Her blog and podcast episodes (both as the host and the guest speaker) are great and really help to put out daily motion into a different perspective. 

Jessi Kneeland

Jessi Kneeland, a certified personal trainer with a refreshingly real perspective on health and fitness. Her sarcastic, real-talk style resonates with anyone tired of the standard BS of the fitness and exercise world. She’s got some great blog posts and Instagram videos about her fitness practice and her perspective on topics like body-positivity. 

MovNat, LLC. 

  • Hosting workshops and training certifications, MovNat focuses on “a comprehensive, holistic & mindful approach to the full range of natural human movement abilities”. Their workshops and affiliate gyms help build a foundation of natural movement. Sign up for their newsletter and get a free 30-page starter kit that gives you a more in depth idea of what natural movement is about. 

Hunter Cook

Hunter Cook, of Hunter Fitness, personal trainer and inspiring example of functional movement practice, based out of L.A. Combining yoga, strength training, and functional movement, his videos focus on mobility over flexibility, and a full range of human motion over repetitive static exercises. I love watching the short videos on his Instagram account for inspiration and ideas for flowing mobility movements. 

  • Instagram: @hunterfitness
  • Facebook: Hunter Fitness
  • As a guest on Rog Law Fitness’ podcast: Sexification Radio : <iframe id=”audio_iframe” src=”″ width=”100%” height=”100″ frameborder=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe>