Linden Hale

Holistic Wellness and Nutrition Advocate

Hi, everyone. I’m Linden Hale, a nutrition student, holistic health and wellness advocate, and an Ambassador and Intern for the United States Healthful Food Council. I am passionate about nutrition, health, wellness, sustainability, and living a real life, as simply as possibly. I have my bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and am currently working towards earning my Masters in Nutrition and becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. While I have worked for 5 years in developmental psychology research, I’ve always spent my free time learning about nutrition, health, and wellness. A few years ago, I decided to start making the slow transition towards a career in the health and wellness community by working towards becoming a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist with a whole foods and holistic health focus.

  • Real Foods 80%
  • Sweet Tooth 20%
  • Natural skin and hair care 40%
  • Real and Honest 90%
  • Accidentally swearing like a sailor 20%
  • Minimal waste and sustainablity 40%

I’m passionate about learning everything I can about nutrition and wellness, as well as how we can live healthier and more sustainable lives as a whole. When I’m not working or studying for classes, I am usually playing around with new recipes, learning about ways to make my life healthier and happier, accidentally swearing like a sailor (I’ll try to censor myself on here, but if I’m being real, a few F-bombs will inevitably pop up), practicing yoga and functional movement, and listening to an endless stream of podcasts and audiobooks. This blog is a vehicle for me to talk about things I’ve learned, my opinions on topics I find interesting, recipes I’m testing out, and tips or suggestions that I think simplify making healthy choices in a busy life.

I love getting to work with people to help facilitate positive change in their lives, and I hope the ideas and stories on this website can help on your journey!

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